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Green Door Virtual is today’s team of office support. Staff employs an up-to-date knowledge base on the latest software that helps with communication of project details and progress. With a savvy and progressive approach you can count on the dependability and efficiency offered by team Green Door Virtual.

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Toronto Website Design Medallist Construction

About Medallist Construction Inc.

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This Toronto based company is privately owned and operated. It was founded in 2004 and is located in Richmond Hill. Medalist Construction Inc provides quality commercial renovations in and around the GTA. Their remodeling specialty services include retail, dental, medical and office renovations.

The principle of Medallist Construction Inc has an extensive background in retail environments with over 20 years in food manufacturing prior to founding Medallist Construction Inc.

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After- Leacock Museum's Redesigned Website

Orillia Website Redesign- Leacock Museum

Stephen Leacock Museum Website

The Stephen Leacock Museum is the house the Stephen built. It is located on the shores of Lake Couchiching. In 1958 the City of Orillia became the new operators of the 9.5 acre historic site known as The Stephen Leacock Museum. The site includes the following attractions:

  • Museum gift shop (renovated by the Children’s Discovery Place)
  • Stephen’s 1928 summer home
  • Shoreline boathouse
  • Shoreline events & meetings restaurant- Swanmore Hall
  • Café on the shores of Lake Couchiching

The museum operators have enjoyed a web presence since 2001. It has helped more people learn about this exciting Canadian historic site. In September 2011 Leacock Museum operators decided it was time to redesign the website. Museum staff had expressed several objectives of the redesign:

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Orillia Website Design-UniqueRidesandCustoms.ca

Orillia Website Design-UniqueRidesandCustoms.ca

Company Introduction

This is a custom designed website

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The owner of this Orillia based car restoration and detailing shop knows a thing or two about cars of all sorts. He has been specializing in repair, revitalizing and added features like Lambo Door Kits since 1988. His services include:

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Website Design- Pipe Restoration

New Site Launch Case Study

Pipe-restoration.com is a California based company specializing in pipe inner lining with epoxy. This process was originally developed by the United States Navy in the 1980’s. In 1996 a group of commercial plumbers pioneered this affordable solution to re-piping. When the epoxy is applied to copper, galvanized or lead piping systems the life expectancy is 40-60 years. This is a longer life estimated time duration than any piping systems. Not to mention, the messes are minimal (trenches, wall damage, etc).


This website was constructed for Central Coast Pipe Lining, Inc. – 3461 to help achieve a number of goals.

  1. Develop a stronger online presence in the Northern California area
  2. Increase qualified lead volume
  3. Clearly illustrate the advantages over other solutions. This is a premium website that is designed on a content management system.
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